Tuesday, April 24, 2012

nouveau début

textile |ˈtekˌstīl|
1 (usu. textiles) a type of cloth or woven fabric : a fascinating range of pottery, jewelry, and textiles.
( textiles) the branch of industry involved in the manufacture of cloth.
2 informal used by nudists to describe someone wearing clothes, esp. on a beach.

Textile/surface designer; pattern enthusiast & color neurotic. Nudist expatriate but still loves the beach.

Let me introduce myself; Erin Siobhan Curry, born & raised in Buffalo, New York. I was bred to love art, history & interiors, which is where I find myself in the world of textiles today. I stumbled into textiles sort of by accident; I made a hasty decision to move to New York out of high school, got into the Fashion Institute & mistakenly decided I wanted to be a fashion buyer. There, I found myself surrounded by hundreds of "Danielle's" from "Nassau County" (insert Long Island accent here), & decided merchandising was not for me. I was feeling despondent & tired of the New York grind, when I arbitrarily registered for an elective called Color Fundamentals with John Dowling. That is where my aesthetic journey began as a designer.

Efflorescence by Paul Klee


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