Thursday, May 17, 2012

fun with styling

Before I took down the show yesterday, I had my lovely friends Dakota & Sam help me move some things around and make some magic. I borrowed a friends camera to do some DIY styling and then Sam came to the rescue with her amazing photo skills and ideas. I totally appreciated her out of the box ideas and we got some really killer shots, while making the most of the space at Exchange Street. 

All the furniture in these photos was designed and built by the talented Kelly Caruso, so I have her to thank for making all my fabric and wallpaper look right at home. Here we go!

Afterwards we got to spend some quality time on the roof, with a glass of wine overlooking the cityscape. Thanks again girls! I couldn't have done it without you. 

So now that the show has been photographed and taken down, it's back to the grind. I have a new found sense of motivation after hearing all the feedback about the show. And if I can swing it, I'd love to have another one at the end of summer/beginning of fall. 

Until then, I'll be submitting resume's to everyone and anyone that I admire in the design world (There might even be a graduate school application or two...). Thanks again everyone :)


thank you to all that came!!

My good friend Nicole came and did some photography the night of the event, to get some shots of the fun that was had. I'm so glad Kelly and I have this night immortalized so we can always remember just how magical it was. 

 All the lighting design is by Kelly, as well as that magnificent wall divider. The night really got going right at 7:00pm. We estimated that we had about 200 guests throughout the course of the night, which was so humbling! I am so grateful for everyone that came to support us and our work. 

Thanks again! And there will be much more to come! 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

post-show recap

So... Friday night has come and gone, but it feels like it never even happened. There was so much last minute preparation (I always say I work best under stress) and last minute issues that had to be dealt with on the spot, that my mind didn't take any time to slow down and enjoy the show. Regardless of the whirlwind, however, it was so wonderful to see everyone I love and care about in one space enjoying food, wine, and eachother. But alas, now I must sit and wait for feedback then throw my resume to the wind to see what bites. 

For those that didn't see it, the space shown to the right is one of two spaces filled with work. These hallwalls consisted of hand printed wallpaper samples and graphic posters with seven foot long rolls of wallpaper plastered on four free standing walls around the last corner there. At the end are handmade upcycled lamps and an eight foot tall walldivider all designed using post-consumer avocado crates by the lovely Kelly Caruso. In the second space, handmade furniture by Kelly is sprinkled around the space, some of them upholstered using my fabrics. I made a set of pillows, with the help of my mother, using fabrics that I had professionally printed by Spoonflower. Set in the middle window are drapes, again thanks to my mother, that were also professional printed but this time, on a nice soft organic cotton sateen. I had some woven pieces that I created at the Fashion Institute displayed as well, just to give a small peak into my roots as a designer. 

I have to give a huge thank you to my parents and family for supporting me the whole way through this, including my amazing boyfriend Clifford who is always happy to help me with anything, my friends for giving me the confidence to keep making, and of course my partner Kelly who made this whole process so much fun. Anyone who helped in the setup and creation of any of these pieces, we'd love to reciprocate; we all have to help eachother!

The show is on view until May 15th! Give me a call at 716.725.1690 or shoot me an email for info on appointments. Professional photographs of the show are coming soon and I plan a large update when that happens, with more images of everything that is for sale as well. Stay posted!! There will be MUCH more to come.