Thursday, June 28, 2012

long-lost wovens

woven design modern textile air and sea design airandseadesign erin curry
While in Toronto, I visited an old friend from FIT: the beautiful Valentina with her fiance Jeff. She had snagged some woven pieces for me after graduation (which was the last time I saw her; much too long since) and has been keeping them safe for me for the past two years. They are some of my favorite pieces and were featured in the Art & Design Graduating Student Exhibition at FIT in 2010. Anyway, I am SO SO happy to have them back and I wanted to share! Oh how I miss the weaving studio at FIT...

woven modern air and sea design airandseadesign erin curry textile

The wovens shown here utilize an ombre warp with a spike of red down the center. These two samples look very different but they were both part of a larger experimentation with twill weaves on an eight-harness table loom. I fell in love with weaving because of the focus on color and structure. I love all the rules! Which is something I would never normally say. The creative process morphs into something completely unexpected when a loom is at your fingertips! 


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