Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weekend jaunt to toronto

vintage textile instagram toronto floral geometric air and sea design
As a Buffalonian, I am familiar with Canadian customs and I find myself identifying with their ways. Toronto is a beautiful city, clean and polite, having an excellent juxtaposition of old with new. Things are noticeably slower than New York; time seems to be appreciated, as well as togetherness.

erin curry air and sea design instagram vintage textile toronto floral geometricThe boyfriend and I went up for the weekend with little money and most every meal was Tim Hortons. Despite the lack of funds, we did some great sightseeing and people watching in very real neighborhoods. The Kensington Market and Queen West are two amazing little pockets west of the University. Kensington has some great vintage emporiums and plenty of hippie-chic garb. Queen West on the other hand is home to a handful of flawless design stores, hip tattoo shops, and drinkeries akin to the LES.

Overall the trip was a welcome break from the monotony of dull side jobs and slowly picking the pieces of my life back up. Hopefully it won't be long before another visit considering the drive is under two hours! I am also considering fishing for a design position up there... we'll see what bites.


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