Sunday, July 8, 2012

real men wear scarves

Burberry Men's Spring/Summer 2013 : Sartorialist
 I ran into these images on the Sartorialist a few weeks ago and the prints made me stop and stare. This is Burberry Men's Spring/Summer 2013 line and I am amazed at Burberry's ability to create something so fresh and so familiar at the same time. The composition is reminiscent of retro silk scarves: simple, colorful and exceedingly geometric. There is something to be said for simple textile design. 

You could make the mistake of saying these prints are busy and hard to actualize on the street but the way Burberry mixes the statement designs (jacket), with smaller coordinate designs (tie and shirt) creates a glorious path for the eye to move around in amazement and comfort.  

The colors are spot on, and of course that makes me melt.This is a splendid statement for the upcoming Spring season, and I can't wait for the design to trickle down to the waiting masses. I am starting to question that metallic magenta man clutch down there on the right however... I'm going to be honest and say I was so entranced by that purple jacket that I barely noticed it until now.

Despite the bag, I hope all dapper gents out there adopt this magnificent trend. Now I have to stock up on YSL silk scarf design inspiration. 


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