Wednesday, July 18, 2012

decisions, decisions

Photo by Alex Kisilevich
So I've run into a trifecta of last-minute decisions making problems over the past two weeks. I went to Camp knowing of the decisions I had to make upon my return, but I turned off the real world for a few days and now I'm right back in the ring. I have to decide between a job that I somewhat recklessly accepted a month ago, which pays less than minimum wage but makes up for in enriching experiences; and a position in a large company that I may be offered today, which is in the textile field with room for advancement. I hate to be identified as someone who cannot follow through with commitments but something in my gut is telling me that I must stay focused on my field. (That is how I feel right now -->)

On a lighter note, I will be participating in the First Friday/Infringement Festival of Buffalo on August 3rd (by the way they desperately need a redesigned website). I will be stationed, with my DIY goodies, in front of Indigo Art Gallery at 74 Allen St. I am really excited about this opportunity to get my stuff out there, especially since I will be working with such an amazing gallery. I hope to see a lot of familiar faces discovering new art at the Infringement Festival; it is such an amazing event for local underground art. PLEASE check it out!! 

I'll be making more pillows, crafting a better way to display my posters, and hopefully getting more t-shirt designs out there.


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