Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Hello all!

I attended this GREAT indie craft market called CLUTTER today down on Essex St. here in Buffalo. It was a bit slow for most of the day due to the fact that it was Father's Day; regardless I met some amazing people making truly lovely things! I love seeing creative people making things happen here in Buffalo and it truly inspires me to keep making!

air and sea design craft erin curry clutter handmade diy homemade textile design
We fought off some sprinkles early on but then had beautiful sun for the rest of the day. We were set in the quaint courtyard of the Essex St. Studios outside the Griffis Studios and Big Orbit Gallery. This was my first market so I learned a lot and I now have a better plan of action for display and setup. 

For next time, I will be adding more pillows and t-shirt designs! I am going to do some dabbling with watercolors in the near future and see how those designs might translate to shirts. I also am going to continue experimenting with bleach and my secret weapon Soft Scrub ;) And of course, I can't wait to see all the wonderful goodies everyone else brings to their tables. 

More to come!! 

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